Organic Products BV is a wholesaler / distributor of natural and organic cosmetics for drugstores, pharmacies, health stores, concept stores, hairdressing salons and beauty salons.

Our brands are produced in an environmentally friendly way, not tested on animals, certified and mainly organic and vegan. Exactly what the consumer wants; green and sustainably produced cosmetics.

For questions you can always contact our accountmanager Anja Curic threw e-mail: [email protected] or call +31(0)621661527.

Innersense Organic Beauty

Innersense Organic Beauty is a love story between two seasoned beauty professionals who crossed paths and shared a passion for hair, beauty and life.

Nature is at the centre of Innersense Organic Beauty. We believe choosing clean, pure and beautiful haircare is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you and your hair. Our products are crafted from Certified Organic plant ingredients your hair will love in luxurious formulations that deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine and protection only Mother Nature can provide.

John Masters Organics

John Masters Organics originated in America from John's desire for a luxurious beauty line that treats the earth with respect. The result is a comprehensive cosmetic line with hair care, skin care and facial care.

John Masters Organics stands for luxurious organic certified and animal proof free cosmetics with mainly vegan and many gluten-free products. More information at www.johnmastersorganics.nl

Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan opened her first hair salon in the Cotswolds and soon began developing a innovative hair care line without chemical ingredients. The products of the British hair stylist are 100% natural, certified organic and not tested on animals. 

Antonin .B

Antonin .B is een jong Parijs merk en begon aan een biologische beauty reis omdat ze willen bijdragen aan een visie die gebaseerd is op 3 fundamenten: efficiëntie, plezier en ethiek. De formules van Antonin .B haarproducten staan dichter bij huidverzorging dan haarverzorging. Dat is omdat Antonin B. het haar én uw gezondheid respecteert. Antonin .B haarverzorgingsproducten zijn 100% natuurlijk, Ecocert, Cosmetique BIO en NOC Sweden gecertificeerd en dierproefvrij.